Uptown Penthouse (Polarized)

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The ‘Uptown Penthouse’ shades are our bougie, big city glasses. Perfect for people who want to add some cosmopolitan class to their wardrobe. Because there are some parties where you can’t just bring a normal pair of shades. You need something a little edgier. 

Why blend in when you can blend out? If you’re looking for a bold, trendsetting look, you’ve found it with the ‘Uptown Penthouse’ shades.


Frame: Matte Black / Pink Metal

Material: Polycarbonate 

Hinge: Single Barrel Stainless Steel

Lens: UV400, Superflash Metallic Pink Lenses

Dimensions: 5.78in (front), 2.4in (tall), 5.5in (arms)


Custom microfiber pouch included.