BLENDERS EYEWEAR is from San Diego,California (US), started by Chase Fisher and Blake Jensen who has passion for the sun and surfing. BLENDERS is transforming what sunglasses should be. Their vision is quite simple: create a product that people unabashedly love, and using the popularity of social media to help market a fashionable product that anyone can wear. The idea stemmed from there and has kicked into gear  - design fresh, vibrant sunglasses that stand out from the crowd and make you feel good while doing the things you love! 
Blenders sunglasses can be seen all over the world, and if you live in San Diego it’s very likely you might already own a pair or known someone who does. The product is extremely affordable and focuses on their biggest customers — people that like to have fun and go out, and like to look good in the process. BLENDERS has come a long way with an extremely satisfying product that started on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram to help grow, from America to Europe and now to Asia, everywhere in between.
Glassy Sunhaters is from Simi Valley, California (US). A price-point sunglass brand owned by Mikemo Capaldi, a professional regular-footed skateboarder who gained popularity following his video part in Forecast, a video produced by professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. Glassy provides quality sunglasses at affordable price. It has one of the most prestigious teams in the skateboard industry. The professionals include - Paul Rodriguez, Daewon Song, Mikemo Capaldi, Mikey Taylor, Brandon Biebel, Marc Johnson, Chad TimTim and many more.